Depression Counselling on the Central Coast

We all want to make the most out of life, but sometimes depression and anxiety can get the best of us. It can sometimes feel like the life has become incredibly overwhelming and of course, this is never a good feeling to have. But you need to understand that you are not alone. Many people feel the effects of depression and anxiety at some point of their lives, and it can become an ongoing occurrence. When this is the case, it may be a good idea to receive counselling in order to work through the things that are causing these feelings and to create strategies and coping methods to improve the situation.


At AJR Counselling we provide depression and anxiety counselling to help you create a different reaction to when these thoughts and feelings that have the potential to plague our lives start to become overwhelming. Taking a caring and understanding approach, free of judgement, we will work together to attempt to find the root of the problem before devising a range of strategies to deal with the effects of the condition.


What are the symptoms of depression?

The symptoms of depression can be wide and varied. Depression is generally classed as a persistently low mood and a loss of interest in daily activities. Depression can have a detrimental effect on the daily life of the person suffering with the condition. When this becomes the case, or the symptoms become quite powerful, it is important to consult a mental health professional.


Other symptoms of depression include:

  • A constant feeling of worry
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Dwelling on the past and finding it hard to move on to the future
  • Struggling to carry out everyday tasks and activities
  • Struggling to make decisions out of an overwhelming concern for their outcome
  • A lack of energy and consistent feelings of tiredness and drowsiness
  • An inability to sleep well at night

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