The benefits of equine therapy are enormous. When AJR Counselling, Coaching & Consulting saw a way to bring equine therapy to many people, we had to make it happen! That was when Better Life Ranch was born.


Sarah is the equine therapist and has many years experience working with horses. Sarah runs individual sessions and group sessions. Better Life Ranch and AJR Counselling, Coaching & Consulting have also linked up with Kidspoint Mingara where we hold holiday day camps and groups on a regular basis.


Equine therapy is known to:

* Assist in emotional regulation

* Build confidence

* Beat anxiety

* Create feelings of connection.

* Improve social skills

* Assist in PTSD


And many many more!


"Neigh there!"

"My name is Spinner and I am one of the support horses here at Better Life Ranch! I used to be a professional trotter and came first in 109 races. I am a bit of an old boy being 21 years old but I still have the heart of a foal!"